Radio host proposes bringing son of fan-favourite Leafs alum to Toronto this summer

Mike Armenti
May 29, 2023  (10:27)

From 1995-2006, if teams had a game scheduled against the Leafs, they knew they'd be preparing for war. Teams would come into Toronto, knuckles white, looking over their shoulders all game long, scanning the ice for #28. Tie Domi was one of the game's greatest gladiators of all time. He struck fear into the hearts of the opposition on a nightly basis, and since he hung up the skates in 2006, the Leafs haven't been the same team. Even during the days of Frazer McLaren and Colton Orr, the Leafs were not as feared as they were when Domi was on the ice.

Since those times, the game has changed significantly. Those "ice guardians" are no longer a staple for teams. Teams rely more on utility players who have a specific skill set now, rather than having an enforcer in the lineup, playing 6-7 minutes per game - and the teams that do still have enforcers, many of them can score, are good in transition or can kill penalties, at the very least.
With all of this in mind, it's important to note that there is still a Domi playing in the National Hockey League - one who is believed to have a desire to play in Toronto and one who is a chip off of the old block when it comes to standing up for his teammates. In the past, we have seen Max Domi fly off the handle when someone crosses a line with one of his teammates. We have also seen that same Max Domi reach the 70-point plateau in his young career - so he can certainly play. Now it's about finding the right team and the right situation for him that can allow him to do a bit of both. That team could be the Toronto Maple Leafs - who will be in need of a 3rd line enter this summer - or potentially even a top six C/W, if they want to experiment more with moving Tavares to the wing.
The Leafs actually have had a decent penalty kill in each of the last 2 seasons, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if Domi crossed the line every now and again and wound up in the box. One of the biggest knocks on the Leafs is that, in the past, they have shown a hesitance to stand up for one another. Well, that wouldn't be a problem with Domi on the ice.
In addition, just seeing that "Domi" name on the back of a Leafs sweater.. There's legitimate nostalgia value there. And, looking at this from a business perspective, I'm sure the club would sell a LOT of Max Domi jerseys if he wound up a Leaf this summer. With Domi currently competing in the Western Conference Finals with the Dallas Stars, against the Vegas Golden Knights, he's also amassing some important playoff experience, which could be a real asset to the Leafs, who are looking to go on a deep run of their own next season.
Honestly, it's all going to come down to dollars, cents, and what the new GM thinks of Domi. The NHL is a business first and a sport second in a lot of ways, so there's certainly no guarantee that Domi ends up in Toronto this summer. However, if he does, I don't know of too many people who wouldn't be excited about the prospect of a Domi playing for the Leafs again. Plus - this would mean that Tie Domi would attend more Leafs games as well, which would be pretty cool!
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Radio host proposes bringing son of fan-favourite Leafs alum to Toronto this summer

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