Prominent golf media personality and Islanders fan fires shot at Leafs captain John Tavares

Published August 11, 2023 at 5:59 PM

On July 1st, 2018, John Tavares shocked the hockey world when he decided to sign a 7-year deal with his hometown Leafs over staying in Long Island. Since then, Islanders fans have absolutely despised Tavares, booing him every time he touches the puck when the Leafs play in Long Island, burning his jersey, making songs about him and the list goes on.

Six years later, you would think it is time to let it go, but for some Islander fans, it still stings. One Islanders' fan, who is also becoming a prominent media member in golf, and co-host of the ever-popular podcast "Foreplay", Frankie Borrelli was in Toronto today for a stop on the Barstool Classic tournament and took the opportunity to say a few kind words about Tavares.

Borrelli was called upon to sing "O'Canada" to officially begin the tournament weekend, and just before he did he jokingly fired a shot at Tavares saying, "I'll try to do it real well here, lot of pressure, also f*** John Tavares." His comment caused the gathering to laugh. If you are a golf fan and listener of their podcast, you'll understand that Borrelli is probably the biggest Islanders fan next to his dad and that he was very passionate about Tavares leaving as you can see below (sorry for digging that up Frankie), but this was all in good fun to get a rise out of the group in Toronto before he sang a surprisingly good rendition of O'Canada.

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