William Nylander is about to cash in BIG
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One major obstacle standing in the way of a Nylander extension announcement

Published January 4, 2024 at 1:00 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander had a mutual understanding coming into this season that there was no imminent rush to get a deal done, as Nylander still had one year remaining on his current contract. Now, however, there appears to be a similar mutual interest from both sides in getting a deal done.

This week, several people in the know in Toronto, including Elliotte Friedman, Nick Kypreos and Chris Johnston, confirmed that the Leafs and Nylander are making significant strides towards getting a deal done as early as this week. The reports seem to indicate that both sides are looking at an 8-year deal and that the AAV might actually exceed $11M per season, with the latest reported number coming in at around $11.25M.

On Wednesday, Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman revealed what the results of all of his digging this week have indicated. Among the most important details in all of this, the situation appears to be very "delicate", in his words.

"Obviously, everyone's being very careful. No one wants to say the wrong thing." - Friedman on the evolving William Nylander situation

We've seen deals get very close in the past and then fall apart. By all accounts, it appears as though both the Leafs and the Nylander camp are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. Both sides want this done before the All-Star Game, per reports, but all signs point to this one getting done before the weekend is out.

"Originally, the Maple Leafs hoped they could get this done for under eight figures ($10M), but those plans are at the bottom of some landfill. They accept this is going to be a massive deal. The question is: how massive?

Toronto wants this done. The Maple Leafs recognize [Nylander's] value, and would like certainty from him as they consider moves elsewhere around the roster. They are prepared to throw (even more) wads of cash at him." - Friedman on the Leafs wanting a quick resolution

Is William Nylander's father, Michael, involved in the negotiations?

According to Friedman, yes. Michael Nylander is very influential in these negotiations. A famously tough negotiator back in his NHL days, Michael wants his son to get the deal he deserves.

"This is a unique negotiation because of Michael Nylander. Honestly, I feel gross writing it because I hate bringing up family when it comes to this stuff. But it is a factor and why everyone is so careful in discussing where things stand. He plays a major role in these conversations and William is very loyal, as you would expect.

Again, the key principals are not talking, but there's definitely feeling this will get done fast if there are four important yesses: team, player, agent and family." - Friedman confirms Michael Nylander's involvement in his son's negotiations

The Leafs are off today and tomorrow before returning to action on Saturday night against the San Jose Sharks. Hopefully we have some good news over the next 48 hours. If not, then perhaps the extension announcement will be made over the weekend. Hopefully the number comes in lower than what most are suggesting.

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One major obstacle standing in the way of a Nylander extension announcement

Will the extension for William Nylander top $90M in total? ($11.25M AAV)

Yes37341.4 %
No16818.6 %
$88M tops ($11M)19922.1 %
If it's over a $10M AAV, the Leafs failed16117.9 %
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