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New Auston Matthews energy drink fetching insane re-sale prices online

Published February 1, 2024 at 11:38

With Auston Matthews being the superstar that he is, it's no surprise that he's a bigtime target for endorsement deals. On top of his hockey sponsorships, including CCM Hockey, Matthews has also earned endorsement deals with Lids, Cargo Jet and, more recently, Prime - an energy drink company run by social media mega star Logan Paul.

At the start of the endorsement, it wasn't exactly clear what Matthews' involvement with the franchise would be, however, we now know that a part of the deal was that Matthews would have his own Prime beverage.

The Auston Matthews version of the Prime sports drink is available for just $3.49 at a bevy of convenience stores, but with the demand for the product extremely high, it's also been fetching ridiculous re-sale prices on online marketplaces like E-Bay. Per BlogTO, some individual bottles have sold for north of $87, while sealed 12-packs have brought in $225. ABSURD!

For a player like Auston Matthews, who has absolutely transcended hockey and has become a global star, it's not shocking to see something with his name on it generating a ton of buzz and drawing in a lot of money. Not long ago, when Matthews' good friend Justin Bieber ran a promotion with Tim Hortons, introducing "Tim Biebs" and several merch items, Canadian consumers were buying up whatever they could and selling it to U.S.-based consumers online, fetching ridiculous prices as well, proving that not only will people buy anything - but that people will also do anything to earn a buck.
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New Auston Matthews energy drink fetching insane re-sale prices online

Would you pay $225 for a 12-pack of Auston Matthews' Prime energy drink?

LOL, not a chance69693.3 %
It's a collector's item! Why not?314.2 %
Only if it wasn't available in my area192.5 %
People will buy anything....00 %
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