Morgan Rielly is usually all business, but on Friday, he had the media laughing multiple times
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Morgan Rielly showing his funny side, gets the media laughing with a few quips during post-practice interview

Published January 20, 2024 at 11:24

After scoring 3 points in his last games, Morgan Rielly is up to 35 points in 43 games this season and is well on his way to his 3rd career season with 66 points or more. Rielly has been a solid player for the Leafs for a long time, but this season, more so than in others, Rielly appears to have really rounded out his two-way game nicely, making strong defensive plays, but also not sacrificing any of the offensive contributions. He's been a real pleasure to watch this season.

Not only has Rielly really seemed to ramp up his game this season, but he's also become a bit of a comedian, mixing it up with the Toronto media and inciting a few laughs in the process. It started on Friday when Rielly was asked about going 40 games without a single penalty.

Rielly has taken 2 minor penalties over his past 3 games and when he was asked about it, he told the media, "I didn't want that goose egg on there any longer." When asked in a follow-up question whether he would like to win a Lady Byng Trophy, awarded to the player deemed to be the most sportsmanlike, a grinning, amused Rielly simply replied with "no comment."

The Leafs are in Vancouver ahead of tonight's matchup against the Canucks. Rielly, being a Vancouver native, obviously has ties to the city and a lot of family and friends who happen to be Canucks fans. Naturally, he was going to face some questions from the media following Friday's practice regarding his hometown Canucks tonight. With the Canucks currently ahead of the Leafs in the standings, you knew the questions were coming. Thankfully, Rielly brought his wit with him to the rink.

Following Friday's practice, Rielly was asked, "are you hearing lots of good things about the Canucks from friends and family this year?" His response yielded more than a few chuckles. "No, I have cut those people out of my life."

Rielly is usually all business in front of the camera, so it's nice to see him show a little bit of his fun-loving personality from time to time. Hopefully the Leafs can pick up another win tonight in Vancouver and proceed to do the same tomorrow in Seattle to keep the momentum going on what has been a tough road trip.

You can watch Rielly's full Friday post-practice interview here.

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Morgan Rielly showing his funny side, gets the media laughing with a few quips during post-practice interview

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