Matthew Tkachuk reveals that the Tkachuk brothers already have plans to team up

Published September 10, 2023 at 12:45

The Tkachuk brothers are two of hockey's brightest young stars - what with Matthew just having gone to the Stanley Cup Final last season with the Florida Panthers and Brady wearing the "C" for an up-and-coming Ottawa Senators team.

While both Tkachuk brothers play within the same division, playing against one another in the best league in the world may not be enough. During a recent appearance on the Cam and Strick podcast, Matthew Tkachuk actually revealed that he and his brother have plans of playing together at some point down the line.

We've talked about that a lot since we both got into the NHL. I mean who knows? The only opportunity might be a team USA thing but in the NHL, I think he would have to come to Florida. I'm not going up there. I don't know, he's got a few years left before he decides on doing anything.

With Matthew being signed with the Panthers through 2029-30 and not willing to play in Ottawa, as he alluded to, if the two would like to play together at some point in the future, it may rely on Brady choosing to walk away at the end of his contract in Ottawa, which expires following the 2027-28 season, and signing in Florida.

If the two want to play with one another before then, perhaps they'll have the opportunity to do so during the 2026 Olympic Games.
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Matthew Tkachuk reveals that the Tkachuk brothers already have plans to team up

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