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Maple Leafs forward making strong case to be an everyday NHLer

Published January 23, 2024 at 10:13

One promising young player in Toronto is hoping to be a regular for every remaining game this season while the Leafs grind towards a potential playoff berth. That player's name is Nicholas Robertson.

Despite being a healthy scratch for a good portion of the season, whenever Robertson draws back into the lineup, he helps drive his line and produce offense. This has led to four goals in his last six games. That secondary scoring is something this team is in desperate need of.

Robertson's presence in the press box has been a hot debate on social media lately, especially on Twitter/X, with the majority of fans and insiders scratching their heads when they see Robertson as a healthy scratch.

Robertson's game-winning goal on Sunday night puts him at 7 goals and 6 assists for 13 points in 27 games, with only 288 minutes played this season. He's currently on pace for 20 goals and 40 points while averaging under 11 minutes per game and often being a healthy scratch.

While Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe has had mixed reviews to share on Nick Robertson this season, he was very impressed by Robertson's game on Sunday night. This is what Keefe had to say:

"I loved every second that he played on the ice. He did a tremendous job, not just because he scored the goal but how he worked and how he managed the game."

One thing that isn't for certain is whether Robertson will earn consecutive games with the Maple Leafs this week. Toronto is playing a home and home before the All-Star break against a strong and heavy Winnipeg Jets team. It will be interesting to see how Keefe utilizes Robertson moving forward.

While his team needs more secondary scoring, which Robertson clearly provides, Keefe also needs his players to help protect leads and grind away defensively. If Robertson can continue to work hard and do the little things that make a player valuable away from the puck, I see no reason why he can't be an everyday NHLer for the Leafs.
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Maple Leafs forward making strong case to be an everyday NHLer

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