Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Easton Cowan putting on his jersey on draft day
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Leafs top prospect on a borderline unbelievable run in his D+1 season

Published January 30, 2024 at 2:32 PM

There are numerous prospects in the Maple Leafs' prospect pool who are having solid seasons with their respective teams in 2023-24. One player who has stood out, specifically, has been a standout with his team in the OHL. That player is London Knights forward, Easton Cowan. The 18-year-old had a strong pre-season training camp with the Maple Leafs, showing that he has a bright future in Toronto.

Cowan has really burst onto the scene as a budding young star, currently enjoying a 14-game point streak, during which he has produced 11 goals and 20 assists for 31 points. He's also on a 6-game multi-point streak.

An anonymous NHL scout has stated that Easton Cowan is a line driver who has a unique skillset that could be utilized throughout an NHL lineup. Not only does he play well at 5v5, he's also a threat on both the powerplay and the penalty kill, making him a special teams monster.

Per: The London Free Press an anonymous NHL scout talked about Easton Cowan's unique skillset in a quote below:

"Cowan has a lot of ways to play," one NHL scout, who requested anonymity, said. "The points are a big bonus, but I'm sure Toronto thought it was getting a high-energy player who would improve offensively. I think he is an offensive-play driver and he has really taken a step this year. The most exciting thing about Easton Cowan is his game just seems to get better. He went from playing on London's top line last year with (Ryan) Winterton and (Denver) Barkey to becoming 'The Man'.

He has some fourth-line attributes but plays at a first- or second-line level," the scout said. "He has Leafs fan favourite written all over him. He is so energetic, but he's not a fourth-line wind-up toy. He knows his strengths – speed and thinking the game – and plays to them. I hate to say it, but Knights fans might want to watch him a lot this year because I think he might play in the NHL next season." - Anonymous NHL Scout on what Easton Cowan brings to the table.

With the Maple Leafs tight to the salary cap and wanting to give their prospects more opportunities, could we see Easton Cowan as an NHL regular next season? Let's see your answer in the poll below!
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Leafs top prospect on a borderline unbelievable run in his D+1 season

Will Easton Cowan play for the Toronto Maple Leafs next season?

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