Kyle Dubas breaks promise to fans in Toronto, in the process of finalizing a deal for another GM job

Mike Armenti
May 30, 2023  (3:37 PM)

Just over two weeks ago, Kyle Dubas stood before the media in Toronto and told the media and fans that he would not be popping up somewhere else, emphasizing that it would be Toronto or bust for him, essentially. Well I guess we now know that his word is not his bond, as he is reportedly in the process of signing a new deal as GM of another Eastern Conference club.

Per TSN's Josh Rimer, and confirmed by The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta, Dubas and the Pens are closing in on a deal that would bring Dubas to Pittsburgh in one of the worst-kept secrets of the last week or so.
Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how upset and frustrated Leafs Nation should be with Dubas here. After all, it was reported by Brendan Shanahan himself that Dubas wanted to return as GM of the Leafs this coming season. The two sides were reportedly closing in on a 5-year extension before Dubas submitted some late changes to the contract and spoke with the media against Shanahan's wishes, indicating to the media that he and his family weren't yet sure if he'd continue on in Toronto.
If Shanahan had met the contract demands and come up on the financial side of things and allowed Dubas more autonomy as GM of the Leafs, we're not even having this conversation. Dubas had already cleared the decision with his family and all were on board with him continuing. Since it was the Leafs who pulled the plug, I suppose he can get off on a technicality here.
At any rate, it's the end of an era in Toronto and the beginning of a new adventure for Dubas in Pittsburgh.
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Kyle Dubas breaks promise to fans in Toronto, in the process of finalizing a deal for another GM job

Are Leaf fans justified in feeling frustration towards Kyle Dubas for taking another GM job so soon after saying that he wouldn't?

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