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Full details of William Nylander's new mega-extension revealed

Published January 8, 2024 at 3:37 PM

It's a big day in Toronto as 27-year-old William Nylander has officially put pen to paper on a new eight-year contract with the Maple Leafs worth a total of $92M through the duration of the contract.

Nylander's new deal is the largest contract signed in Leafs history by total value, but other than the basic details, not much else was revealed at the time of the signing other than the fact that there would be a NMC attached and plenty of bonus money. Now, we have more details and trusted NHL insider Elliotte Friedman broke down some of the key details of the deal this afternoon.

According to Friedman, $69M will be paid in bonuses and Nylander will skate away with a cool $27M in the first two years of the deal.

The Salary breakdown via cap friendly goes like this:

Yr 1: 3.5M base + 10M SB
2: 3.5M + 10M SB
3: 1M + 11.5M SB
4: 1M + 10.5M SB
5: 6M + 5M SB
6: 6M + 5M SB
7: 1M + 9M SB
8: 1M + 8M SB

The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta reiterated that Nylander has a full NMC in his eight year deal, but one of the best features for Nylander and his camp is that the NMC will actually take effect immediately, meaning that the Leafs will not have the opportunity to move Nylander before his new deal kicks in.

The Nylander contract saga is now over as he will continue to don the blue and white through the remainder of prime years of his career. Whether or not this is a good investment remains to be seen.
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Full details of William Nylander's new mega-extension revealed

Would you have given William Nylander a full no-movement clause for all 8 years of his deal?

Yes, he's earned it34230 %
No, too risky34330.1 %
I'd have been fine with a partial NMC28124.6 %
NTC's and NMC's are always a dumb idea as a GM17515.3 %
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