Former Leaf releases statement following arrest last week

Published July 18, 2023 at 6:53 PM

Last week, the Arizona Coyotes surprised everyone by placing Alex Galchenyuk on waivers to terminate his contract. At the time, no one understood why. It was revealed shortly thereafter that Galchenyuk was arrested on July 9th following a hit-and-run incident causing property damage. He was also charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey, and resisting arrest and, according to the report, was threatening officers who showed up to the scene.

In the report from the Scottsdale Police Department, Galchenyuk had told officers "I'm gunna chop [up] you, your wife, your daughter," while also being overheard as saying "One phone call and you're all dead, your whole family, your bloodline is dead."

Galchenyuk, who was released on July 10th, released a statement this afternoon regarding the incident on his personal Twitter account.

"I am deeply ashamed of my recent behavior and I am beyond sorry to everyone I offended and hurt. It was uncalled for, it was horrific and it has ruined this great new opportunity I was given by the Coyotes. I am beyond embarrassed and disappointed with myself and I feel awful for everyone I have let down. My family was counting on me to be better, the Coyotes and the amazing Coyotes fans deserve better and the brave police officers who risk their lives to keep us safe deserve better. I let them all down with my despicable and disrespectful behavior after drinking alcohol. Today, I am checking myself into the NHL/ NHLPA Player Assistance Program. I am doing this to get the help I need and hope to never make a mistake like this again." - Galchenyuk on his actions and arrest last week

We hope that Galchenyuk is able to get the help he needs in the Player Assistance Program and is able to avoid any future incidents.

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