Toronto Maple Leafs GM and Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan.
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Former Leaf publicly blasts Leafs President Brendan Shanahan in heated rant

Published January 31, 2024 at 2:51 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs brass have been called out by many people over the years. From insiders to fans, former NHL coaches and NHL players. The most recent one speaks volumes in terms of how this team has been shaped and handled in the past 7-8 seasons. The latest rant is coming from a former Leaf who is very disappointed with the team's President in specific.

Former NHL player Jay Rosehill went on a rant this morning on Leafs Morning Take. He spoke about the Shanaplan, set up by Leafs President and Alternate Governor Brendan Shanahan. He also touched on the trade deadline, and the core four.

Jay Rosehill began his rant speaking about where this team currently stands and that they need to go on a run in the playoffs. Quote below:

"You know, we've been talking about how it's time for this group to make a run at it. Look at the contracts, look at the players in their prime. If this is the group then let's go." - Jay Rosehill on Toronto needing to go on a run in the playoffs this season.

He said what all Maple Leafs fans want to hear, stating that the current core needs to take it to the next level in the playoffs and go on a run and give themselves a real chance at winning a Stanley Cup that this fanbase has been in search of for the last fifty-seven plus years.

Rosehill did suggest that if it doesn't appear to be this season, the Leafs shouldn't go all-in, trading away what little they have in their prospects pool, young players that can be impactful and huge parts of this team's future.

"Once again I don't have enough to make that claim. I don't want to sell the farm for a UFA defenseman that has no term, that's a rental. Then it doesn't work out and they play like they've played the past five seasons in the playoffs. Now, we've lost our first rounder and Cowan and Minten, players that have heart and jam who almost made the team out of training camp who out shined everybody. Now we lost them and we're worse than we left off as." - Jay Rosehill on the idea of trading prospects for rentals

Rosehill absolutely let Brendan Shanahan and his Shanaplan have it during his rant. The quote below says it all:

"Unless something wild happens in the playoffs this year, it's like [Shanahan], the Shanaplan, ten years of basically nothing to show for it. What have you given us? Why should I stay on team Shanahan? You haven't done anything for us fans." - Jay Rosehill on the Maple Leafs GM Brendan Shanahan not delivering on his plan to this fanbase over the past ten seasons.

Rosehill finished his rant speaking about the players' personal accolades, Mitch Marner and how his next projected contract could really handcuff this team moving forward due to their salary cap restraints, while limiting their options for additions that this team truly needs.

"Are you going to move on from Mitch Marner or is he the guy that will get you to the promise land? Even he's been here what, almost eight years? What have you done for me? I don't care about his long point streaks. I don't care about Auston Matthews' streaks. Don't tell me Matthews' accolades are going to get us anywhere. I'm done with the core four eating up massive amounts of the salary cap and not having the pieces in place. How are we supposed to get a stud defenseman to make noise in the playoffs? We're not giving up Minten, Cowan, Knies, our a first rounder. Maybe it's time to break this core up so we're not handcuffed." - Jay Rosehil on what this team should do with the core 4.

Rosehill made several valid points regarding the players and their individual point streaks and accolades. Though fun for the player and for some fans, it doesn't do anything for this team when it comes to making the playoffs and finally going on a run. This will be year eight of this core heading into the playoffs and they have one playoff series win under their belts. Many fans enjoy the offense and skill that this core brings to the table, but with well over half the cap tied up amongst five players, it leaves little room to make those adjustments that are most needed to go on a long playoff run.

Would this team be better off without Marner or Tavares? Would more breathing room lead to this team being well rounded and better if one of these massive contracts are moved? There's no guarantee that Tavares takes a lot less if he re-signs in Toronto and Marner is projected to make more than Nylander. Something will have to give if this team wants to take it to the next level in the playoffs. Rosehill recognizes it and it's long past due that Shanahan recognizes it as well.

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Former Leaf publicly blasts Leafs President Brendan Shanahan in heated rant

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