Ex-Leaf sentenced to jail time stemming from an incident last month

Published August 21, 2023 at 6:15 PM

The tangled web that is Alex Galchenyuk's career continues to weave after a series of unfortunate events that took place earlier this summer. The former 3rd overall pick was arrested last month after a hit and run causing property damage. He also threatened to kill an officer and used racial slurs during the incident.

Galchenyuk was arrested on several different charges that included private property hit and run, disorderly conduct, failure to obey, resisting arrest, and threatening or intimidating. The recent news regarding Galchenyuk is that he pleaded guilty to to threatening an officer and the other 5 charges were dismissed. The condition here is that that he would be sentenced to serve 30 days in jail.

As Katie Strang of The Athletic pointed out, although he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, "one of which counts as a sentence served and 27 will be suspended after successfully completing an alcohol recovery program and 12 months without consuming/possessing alcohol."

So as long as he partakes in the recovery program and stays away from alcohol for 12 months, he won't have to serve the remaining 27 days. Since Galchenyuk had served a day and a half of his sentence before his hearing, he'll receive double credit for time served, totaling the additional 3 days on his sentence to equal 30. It's also important to note that Galchenyuk apologized and enrolled into the NHLPA player assistance program just last month.

The 29-year-old was traded to the Nashville Predators ahead of the draft in a trade involving Ryan Johansen. The Predators told Galchenyuk that they would not sign him, so he ultimately entered unrestricted free agency before the Arizona Coyotes scooped him up. It didn't last long, however, as they terminated his contract shortly after his arrest.

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Ex-Leaf sentenced to jail time stemming from an incident last month

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