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Defenseman confirms that he has changed his allegiances after signing in Toronto

Published January 13, 2024 at 2:03

Growing up in Laval, Quebec, a young Simon Benoit lived with his family and, of course, their household was filled with Montreal Canadien fans. It's not a surprise to anyone, since many French Canadians in Quebec are die hard Habs fans.

When Benoit was not qualified by the Anaheim Ducks this summer, he was left without a contract for this season, becoming a UFA a couple of years ahead of schedule. Benoit could have signed with any team, but ultimately chose Toronto. With the obvious rivalry that exists between the Leafs and Canadiens, the move may have initially shocked his family.

So, how has Benoit's family reacted to him being a part of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization?

"They've switched. We're Leafers. I sent them some caps and jerseys (with his No. 2). When you grow up around Montreal, it's hard to say you're not a Canadiens fan. But my family is happy because I'm happy."

It goes to show the bond Benoit shares with his family. They support him regardless of which team's jersey he wears. The fans in Toronto quickly adopted Benoit as one of their own as well, thanks to his penchant for physicality and strong defensive play.

When Benoit finally recorded his first point as a Maple Leaf, his teammates were thrilled for him.

Benoit is winning over Leafs Nation with his fiery spirit and aggressive playstyle everytime he steps foot on the ice. From hard clean hits, to dropping the gloves to avenge a teammate, Benoit does everything asked of him and then some. The perfect teammate.

With the possibility of Benoit keeping up his consistent play this season, we could see a contract extension for the French Canadian blueliner. This would, of course, be a pretty huge reason for his family to continue cheering for the Leafs.
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Defenseman confirms that he has changed his allegiances after signing in Toronto

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