Bruins and controversial prospect agree to mutually terminate contract after public outrage over signing

Published July 23, 2023 at 10:29

On November 4th of this past season, the Boston Bruins announced they had signed Mitchell Miller to an entry-level contract. As soon as it had been announced, the Bruins received a large amount of public backlash, forcing the team to distance themselves from Miller. Even the players in Boston were not a fan of the move, condemning the move publicly through the media.

The Bruins weren't the first team to face severe backlash from associating themselves with Miller, as the Arizona Coyotes selected him in the 2020 draft before renouncing the pick just a few weeks later.

For those that are unaware, Miller pled guilty to one count of assault and one count of violating the Ohio Safe Schools Act for conducting a series of inexplicable acts in a racially motivated campaign against a developmentally challenged classmate named Isaiah Meyer-Crothers when he was 14-years-old.

According to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, Miller and the Bruins quietly came to a settlement agreement and terminated his contract. Brooks also reported that the Bruins immediately terminated their contract with Miller when they attempted to do damage control after the signing, but as of Saturday, Miller was still listed on the Bruins minor league roster on CapFriendly and Puckpedia.

With the termination of his contract, which reportedly occurred back in February, the Bruins should have placed Miller on waivers for the purpose of termination as it is the documented process in the CBA. Given that he was not placed on waivers, it appears that the Bruins will not face a cap penalty for terminating his contract.

Miller will likely not be eligible to sign or play in the NHL for the rest of his playing career and if he wants to continue playing, he will likely have to head over to Europe to do so.

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