Brad Treliving reveals what he thinks about the idea of moving a core piece in Toronto

Mike Armenti
June 1, 2023  (12:27)

The Toronto Maple Leafs introduced Brad Treliving as the 18th general manager in franchise history on Thursday, via press conference and not only did the ex-Flames GM handle himself well in his first media availability as Leafs GM - he had a pretty strong message that he wished to convey about the team.

It didn't take long for a question to arise about what might happen with the "Core 4" in Toronto, being Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares and William Nylander, and while Treliving openly stated that they "will look at all things" this summer, he emphasized that the team doesn't have a "Core 4" problem. They have a 23-man until to develop.
"Having those players excites me. They're world class players. We're going to review everything. I want to stress strongly that I'm not about coming in and making a statement. You can throw a body under the tarmac and it might look good for a headline, but are you getting any better? At the end of the day it's about getting better and just being different doesn't necessarily make you better.

This can't be about the "Core 4". This is about the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's not about 4 players, it's not about 2, it's not about 1.. it's about the 23 guys we're going to have in this organization.. It's about the Leafs and the success of this team or whatever challenges we have isn't because of 4 guys or 2 guys or 1 guy. It's about the group and for a manager coming in, I'm pretty lucky to have the talent that those 4 represent as well as everybody else on this team." - Treliving on building a more complete 23-man roster in Toronto

Right now, we're seeing first hand what a united 23-man roster with their goals aligned can do for a team, as the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers - two teams who may not be the best on paper but who are both "team-first" clubs - are about to lock horns in the Stanley Cup Finals. The hope from Treliving is to be able to instill some of that mindset on the group and surround their stars with the right sort of players to be able to help push this team to the next level.
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Brad Treliving reveals what he thinks about the idea of moving a core piece in Toronto

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