Leafs fans more irate than ever with Kyle Dubas over Zach Hyman ordeal

Nick Matthews
May 24, 2024  (10:48)

Zach Hyman
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Zach Hyman is having an incredible playoffs performance this year, which has fans in Toronto cursing Kyle Dubas' name all over again.

Hyman picked up his playoff leading 12th goal last night, and also picked up an assist, which puts him at 15 points this post season. Not only is he the playoff goals leader, he is currently tied for 6th for most points in these playoffs as well.
The Toronto native is coming off a dominant year where he put up a staggering 54 goals, in the regular season, but it's not his regular season that has fans of the Maple Leafs down. It's his performance in the playoffs in comparison to the underachieving Leafs.
In the 2023-24 playoffs, Zach Hyman has as many goals as the entire Leafs team, and that is not the only otherworldly statistic. Hyman's 12 goals in 13 games this post-season are more than Mitch Marner's career playoff total of 11 goals in 57 playoff games.
While there has been much speculation on why Kyle Dubas did not re-sign Zach Hyman with the Leafs, it's hard not to look at his success in Edmonton and think that Dubas made a huge mistake by letting him walk, especially when his ask was a modest $5.5 Million AAV.
Hyman's contract is now looked at as potentially one of the best contracts in the league, if not the best, which highlights Dubas' blunder in properly assessing Hyman's talent, work ethic, vision and overall value.
Dubas' decision to hold onto players like Alex Kerfoot and Justin Holl over Hyman, only to let them walk away in free agency as well, might be one of the worst decisions that a Leafs GM has ever made and he may never live it down.
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Leafs fans more irate than ever with Kyle Dubas over Zach Hyman ordeal

At the time of the decision, did you feel as though Kyle Dubas was right to allow Zach Hyman to leave as a free agent?

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