Evander Kane standing next to his now ex-wife as the ESPY Awards
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Evander Kane has his ex-wife violates restraining order, Kane has her thrown out of the arena

Published January 12, 2024 at 10:39

Those who have followed the rollercoaster career that Evander Kane has had in the NHL will know all about the circus that he's created for himself over the last several seasons. Obviously, the bankruptcy, the gambling and the fake COVID-19 vaccine card are just a few examples of the noise surrounding Kane, but there's also the controversy surrounding his divorce and custody battle that he's had to contend with off the ice. Unfortunately for he and his family, both have been extremely public.

On Thursday, Kane's ex-Wife, Anna Kane, attended an Oilers/Red Wings game in Detroit to celebrate her birthday. She made it a point to nab some tickets right along the glass, presumably so Kane could see her there.


She made sure to post some lewd content to her Instagram account, likely to get under Kane's skin. Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin was the player she chose to make the comments about on this occasion.


Mrs. Kane claims that she had actually hooked up with Larkin a decade ago, again, likely to try to get under the skin of her ex-husband.

Unfortunately for Anna, Kane spotted her along the glass, as I'm sure was her plan, and requested that security remove her from the arena due to his restraining order against her.


Thus, his ex-wife was ushered out by security, but she didn't leave without capturing the whole thing on her Instagram.


Per Anna, the head of security actually apologized to her for having to remove her from the game. I'm sure he wasn't all that familiar with the back-and-forth between she and her ex-husband and the very public pissing matches they've gotten into, which led to the restraining order.


Mrs. Kane also posted a video to her Instagram account, where she appears to be quite inebriated, as folks tend to be when out celebrating their birthday. She confessed to using her Michigan license, which contains her maiden name, to gain access to the building to bypass the restraining order. She also shared a bit of a rant and a laugh at Kane's expense.

Say what you want about Evander Kane, who clearly has his off ice issues, but his ex-wife doesn't seem like a walk in the park either. Clearly, she isn't concerned with the restraining order or harassment.

Kane has yet to respond to the incident, though I'd imagine he'll be happy to keep this out of the press and allow his lawyers to handle it.

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Evander Kane has his ex-wife violates restraining order, Kane has her thrown out of the arena

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