Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard
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Patrick Kane fires a shot at Connor Bedard over a hit Bedard had landed on him on Sunday

Published February 26, 2024 at 11:49

It was a special event on Sunday in Chicago as the Blackhawks not only raised Chris Chelios' #7 to the rafters at United Center, but they also welcomed Patrick Kane back to Chicago as well when they hosted the Detroit Red Wings.

It was a touching scene following the game, after Kane buried the OT winner for the Red Wings. Rather than booing the former Hawk, the fans in attendance gave Kaner a standing ovation in his return to United Center.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so welcoming, as Connor Bedard took a run at Kane earlier in the game, pasting him along the wall.

Obviously, there's a lot of respect between Kane and his successor, Bedard, in Chicago. Kane told the media after the game that he thinks Bedard is a great player and that he's very creative. He also fired a shot at the rookie phenom, stating that Bedard is lucky that he was wearing the "bubble" on, otherwise he would have gone after him. The comment generated quite the reaction from the media, who could not contain their laughter.

After the game, Bedard even told the media that he's honoured that people compare him to Kane at times, though he doesn't put too much stock into what others say about him.

"I don't care too much what people say. If I can be anything like him, that's pretty great, the career he had. I'm my own person and player and everything, so I'll do what I do and he does what he does."

It's really too bad that the Hawks didn't re-sign Kane this summer to help guide the rookie sensation throughout his first few seasons in Chicago before hanging up his skates, but hey - that's just the business side of the game.
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Patrick Kane fires a shot at Connor Bedard over a hit Bedard had landed on him on Sunday

Who do you think will have had the better career by the time all is said and done; Patrick Kane or Connor Bedard?

Kaner for sure16029.5 %
Bedard. The kid is too good22842 %
They'll probably both be Hall-of-Famers15528.5 %
I couldn't say00 %
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