Nick Foligno celebrates one of his 8 goals in Chicago
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Ex-Leaf signs multi-year extension for an absurd amount of money with the Chicago Blackhawks

Published January 12, 2024 at 12:37

The Chicago Blackhawks are still very much a rebuilding team, even after adding a slew of high draft picks in recent seasons, including 2023 1st overall pick Connor Bedard last June.

If you thought the Blackhawks were going to begin to invest in quality free agents and trade for players to transition out of a rebuild and into contending team within the next year or two, the management group in Chicago has some bad news for you. Through their actions, it has become clear that the Hawks are not planning to contend in the immediate future.

Today, the Blackhawks announced that they have signed aging veteran and former Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno to a 2-year contract extension, worth an absurd $4.5M per season.

Obviously, Foligno brings a ton of leadership and experience into the fold, but his career high in points over the last 5 seasons was 35 points, which occurred back in 2018-19. So far, through 39 games this season, being featured in a prominent role in Chicago, Foligno has amassed just 8 goals and 17 points. Call me crazy, but I don't think that's nearly enough production to warrant a $4.5M AAV, even if you include his intangibles in the discussion.

Granted, the deal is very short term, but there's something to be said about Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson's decision-making if he's handing out deals like this one to 36-year-old veteran who has been unable to remain healthy over the last half-decade.

Foligno is expected to miss the next 6 weeks with a broken finger.
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Ex-Leaf signs multi-year extension for an absurd amount of money with the Chicago Blackhawks

Is Nick Foligno worth $4.5M per season?

LOL, obviously not39252.3 %
Yes, the intangibles are valuable608 %
He's worth $3M at most11715.6 %
He's not even worth $3M per season18024 %
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