Ryan Reaves demolishes Michael Pezzetta on Hockey Night in Canada

Mike Armenti
April 6, 2024  (8:58 PM)

Leafs winger Ryan Reaves squares off against Montreal's Michael Pezzetta
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Ryan Reaves has dropped the gloves once again, this time against Montreal Canadiens' Michael Pezzetta, making quick work of the Habs forward.

The fight occurred just before the midway point of the 2nd period and was initiated by Reaves as retribution for a late hit that Pezzetta had landed on Leafs forward David Kampf earlier in the period, which had Kampf shaken up on the play and remaining on the ice for a few moments before making his way to the bench.
Prior to the faceoff, Reaves stepped up to challenge Pezzetta right off the draw, and after originally appearing to have no interest in a scrap with the heavyweight champ, Reaves' pursuit of Pezzetta near the Canadiens' bench finally resulted in the two feisty forwards throwing hands.
Reaves clearly got the better of the exchange with Pezzetta, landing a series of short punches before decking him with a pretty clean haymaker before taking the him down to the ice. Reaves had some choice words for the Habs' bench afterward as well.
Reaves fought Pezzetta once before, back in November of 2021, while Reaves was still a member of the New York Rangers. That one didn't end well for Pezzetta either.
Something to take note of, Ryan Reaves did leave the penalty box and headed down the tunnel to the Leafs' dressing room during a stoppage in play shortly after the fight. It is worth noting that Reaves had cut his hand in a previous fight against Tanner Jeannot on Wednesday, so perhaps he had the wound re-open on him tonight. If he does not return for the 3rd period, we'll have to await an update on his status from Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe following the game.
**UPDATE at 9:10pm, Reaves back on the bench for the Leafs to start the third.**
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Ryan Reaves demolishes Michael Pezzetta on Hockey Night in Canada

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