Noah Gregor shares thoughts on the Tom Wilson slash that broke several of his teeth

Mike Armenti
March 25, 2024  (10:28)

Tom Wilson
Photo credit: NHL

The NHL's Department of Player Safety slapped repeat offender Tom Wilson with a 6-game suspension this past weekend after Wilson had struck Leafs winger Noah Gregor in the face with his stick away from the play. On Monday, confirmation came in from Wilson and the NHLPA that there will be no appeal filed.

Wilson appeared immediately remorseful for what he had done to Gregor on Wednesday, grabbing ahold of the Leafs winger immediately after the slash to the face to apologize, knowing that he had crossed the line. His willingness to accept the full 6-game suspension and forfeited salary, which exceeds $100K, shows that he knows what he did was wrong and that he's willing to take full responsibility for his actions. Not something you see everyday from Wilson.
Gregor spoke with the media over the weekend and revealed his thoughts on the play, which broke several of his teeth, and surprisingly, he didn't seem too out of sorts over the whole thing.
"I don't think he's trying to slash a guy in the face. I don't think anyone in the league is ever trying to do that. Probably a little reckless with the stick and unfortunately got me, but I'm fine."

Gregor giving Wilson the benefit of the doubt is a classy gesture, and I'm sure it helped matters that Wilson had apologized immediately and let Gregor know that he knew that he had messed up and that he felt bad for it right in the moment. In the end, the NHL got this one right and Wilson taking responsibility will help everyone move on from it instead of this whole thing becoming a bit of a circus act.
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Noah Gregor shares thoughts on the Tom Wilson slash that broke several of his teeth

Do you have a little more respect for Tom Wilson after seeing him take full responsibility for his actions for his slash to the face of Noah Gregor?

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