Mike Babcock Comments On Hyman Suspension.

Published December 10, 2018 at 2:50 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins got into a really heated tilt on Saturday night. The result was Leafs' forward Zach Hyman suspended for two games, something not anybody is happy about. A lot of fans and media members felt the suspension was a little excessive considering Hyman was penalized during the game and McAvoy continued playing. Head coach Mike Babcock was asked about the suspension."Obviously, disappointed. Zach is a real important player for us. Plays hard. I thought it was a game that could've gotten under control really easy. Just put up your hand and blow the whistle and you get that looked after. It wasn't like that. In the end, we move on. An opportunity for Brownie."Sounds like Babcock feels everything could have been avoided if the refs were a bit more active Saturday. Did the refs holding back whistles cause the Leafs to be frustrated, including Hyman?"I didn't think he was frustrated. I think he just finished his check. Unless he said he was frustrated. Did he? [No]. Let's not say things… He finished his check. Obviously, according to the league, it was late. We move on."
What do you think of Babcock's comments?

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