Matthews and Knies discuss embarrassing arena situation in Arizona

Ryan Smitheram
February 24, 2024  (3:13 PM)

Matthews and Knies were not pleased with the Coyotes arena situation
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The Toronto Maple Leafs visited the Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena on Wednesday night where friends and family of Matthew Knies and Auston Matthews were able to take in the game and witness Matthews reach the 50-goal mark in just 54 games. Ahead of the game, Knies jokingly said the amount of people he had coming to watch would take up a whole section as the Coyotes current home seats just 4,600 people.

Being from Arizona, both Knies and Matthews were asked about the Coyotes current arena situation and just how important it is to have it resolved. Not just for the Coyotes, but to help continue to grow the game in the area.
"That's kinda been the story for the last little while. It would mean a lot. I think that's the only way to do it. Obviously, there's a lot of hoops you gotta jump through, a lot of people, regulations, all that stuff," Matthews says. "Talking to the guys who play here and friends on the [Coyotes], it's an amazing place to live, amazing place to play. But just missing the rink situation, it's a little bit off. So if they could figure that out, I'm positive they could find a solution."

Knies has grown up not just watching the Coyotes, but all of the off-ice ownership and arena issues and hopes that a solution can be found to give more kids an opportunity to see their favourite players and become hockey fans.
"It'd mean a lot," Knies says. "I loved growing up and watching hockey here. It's important that young kids get the same opportunity I had. I was pretty fortunate to be around all those NHL players and get to watch the Coyotes in the playoffs. Arizona grew to be more of a hockey [state]. I'm looking forward to them growing a place here and building a bigger community."

The Coyotes are currently working to purchase another plot of land in Arizona after their previous project was rejected by city council. The longer they have to play at Mullett Arena however, the more likely they could be headed to Salt Lake City.
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Matthews and Knies discuss embarrassing arena situation in Arizona

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