Ex-Leaf Jay Rosehill eviscerates his former team after Game 4 loss

Mike Armenti
April 29, 2024  (8:50)

Auston Matthews, Tyler Bertuzzi and Mitch Marner
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A former Toronto Maple Leaf, Jay Rosehill, absolutely eviscerated his former team following an uninspired effort in Game 4, dropping maybe the best rant of the year.

On a night where we saw the Leafs vastly outplayed by the Boston Bruins on home ice, dropping a 3-1 decision in front of the hometown crowd to surrender a 3-1 series lead to their Atlantic Division counterpart, there weren't many positives to take away from the loss.
Not only were the Leafs completely disjointed, out of sync and entirely flat, but they also couldn't keep their composure, losing their cool on one another on the bench. I am, of course, referencing the Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander debacle.
The Leafs showed more passion on the bench on Saturday night than they showed on the ice, which was, quite frankly, embarrassing. Ex-Leaf Jay Rosehill shared that sentiment and offered plenty of thoughts on his former team's performance following last night's loss, completely eviscerating the Leafs. Here's some of what he had to say:
Rosehill: "Why does everyone else around this goddamn team seem to care more about the team than the goddamn players that are on it right now?

I can handle a Game 3 loss, because they f***ing went balls out. They were peppering everything they could. It was passionate, it was energetic... I could give a rip if you take too many penalties because you're just playing with your nuts out as hard as you can. [Saturday] night, was just so uninspiring, so pathetic that I had to watch these guys just look around and bitch. Bitch that it wasn't easy...

What planet are they on? What league are they playing in? Do they even know what the Stanley Cup is?

You can just watch the commercials of people winning the Stanley Cup and bringing them to tears while their shoulder's f***ing separated and their knee's half torn and their f***ing leg's all swollen and they just battle because they love the game and they're passionate, intense, inspiring people. I can't find it on this roster, aside from a couple of guys who aren't good enough to win it by themselves.

It looked like a pre-season game. Like 'I don't want to be here'. Like 'this isn't important to me'. That's what it looked like, from the big dogs, who we've put all of our faith in.

I'm as positive as you can be about this team. I'll give them every benefit of doubt anytime they lead with a little bit of effort, I'll back them to the end of the f***ing world. And they pull up with THAT, in a game that can tie the series up, make this thing go to 7 games, or just sh*t your pants and just basically shut this season down, [which] is what they did."

Rosehill's rant was very much in tune with what many in Leafs Nation are feeling today after having watched that gong show of a game last night. I couldn't have said it any better myself.
The Stanley Cup is the Holy Grail of hockey. Players play their entire careers and wait their whole lives for a chance to win a Cup, but instead of giving the kind of effort that a true Stanley Cup contender gives, the Leafs completely dropped the ball and while the series isn't over yet, the fanbase has seen this movie way too many times to get their hopes up. Rosehill included.
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Ex-Leaf Jay Rosehill eviscerates his former team after Game 4 loss

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