Blockbuster Trade Between The Canadiens And Maple Leafs?

Published November 19, 2018 at 11:25

Out in Quebec, TVA Sports analyst Michel Bergeron gets laughed at a lot for some of his ridiculous suggestions during his "Sans Filet" segment on TVA Sports and some people compare him to a played out Don Cherry.Bergeron was at it again on Saturday when he honestly wondered if Marc Bergevin should trade Carey Price or Shea Weber to the Toronto Maple Leafs for disgruntled Leafs' forward William Nylander.The Leafs are currently at a stalemate when it comes to the restricted free agent who's looking for $8million a season. Rumours have consistently linked Toronto to the Carolina Hurricanes in regards to Nylander, but Michel Bergeron is confident that Marc Bergevin should call Kyle Dubas to bring the young forward to Montreal.The Maple Leafs are looking for a star defenseman in a deal that would involve William Nylander and it would be extremely surprising to see Bergevin meet the Leafs' demands.What do you think of Michel Bergeron's suggestion?

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