Players and fans around the world pay tribute to Börje Salming

Ben Hodgson
November 24, 2022  (6:50 PM)

Words alone cannot describe the incredible person that Börje Salming was. He was a trailblazer, a warrior on the ice, and a genuinely good person. He was also the best defenseman to ever play for the Toronto Maple Leafs, bar none. Since his ALS diagnosis earlier this year, his health declined at a terribly fast rate. Today, the man known as "The King" passed away in Sweden, reportedly surrounded by family. As Leafs fans, we were incredibly lucky to share one last weekend with Börje and show him how much love is still in our hearts for him and his family.

After news of his passing broke, fans and players around the world began to pay tribute to Salming.
Every single game in the SHL, the Swedish Hockey League, held a moment of silence before puck drop to commemorate the man who, along with Inge Hammerstrom, blazed the trail for Swedish players into the NHL.
During one of those games, fans of both teams joined each other in a deafening chant, repeating the name Börje Salming over and over again. Making it abundantly clear that Salming is as loved in Sweden as he is in Toronto.
In Toronto, people have been visiting Börje's statue on Legends row outside of Scotiabank Arena. Flowers of blue and yellow, the colours of the Swedish flag, have been placed in front of his likeness. The screen above Maple Leafs square is also displaying Salming's picture.
I'm sure there will be more tributes in the days to come, definitely when the Leafs return to Scotiabank arena to face the Sharks on Wednesday. Salming's legacy will live on through every Swedish hockey player to touch NHL ice. He will live on in the hearts and minds of every Leafs fan. A legend, an icon, a hero.
Rest easy. We love you Börje.
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