Jack Campbell's 2022-23 struggles have been so bad that they're actually dragging his career numbers down

Dean Chaudhry
November 24, 2022  (2:29 PM)

It has not been the story-book fairy tale for Jack Campbell and the Edmonton Oilers after the former signed a 5-year, $25M contract with the latter over the summer after a stint where he experienced mixed success in Toronto.

There were rumours of tampering on the Oilers' part, seeing as how the deal was being reported on well before the opening of free agency, there were some rather distraught fans in Toronto, but eventually Campbell decided to leave the hot-bed of Toronto to go out west to seemingly greener pastures in Edmonton. Nobody could have predicted the abysmal start he has had with his new team.
In 11 games this season, Campbell is 6-5-0 with a 4.15 GAA and a .876 SV%, which is a far cry from his 2021-22 season where he posted a 31-9-6 record with a 2.64 GAA and a .914 SV%.
His career numbers seemed to suggest that this is most likely just a blip or a fall he's going to get back up from as he posted sparkling numbers in his 2-plus-year stay with the Maple Leafs where he posted a 51-14-9 record with a 2.50 GAA and a .916 SV%. His numbers with the Los Angeles Kings are eerily similar as he posted a .918 SV% and a 2.51 GAA in 57 games with the Kings over 4 years.
Even further, his 2020-21 post-season numbers were spectacular as he went the distance with a 1.81 GAA and a .934 SV% in the first round before losing to the Montreal Canadiens.
However, his numbers in Edmonton have been so bad that his career save percentage is finally beginning to drop. He was very consistent over his first 7 seasons in the NHL and his .916 SV% was something to marvel at as a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. They were finally getting away from the inconsistencies in goal with Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen - or so they thought.
11 games into his tenure and his career numbers have dropped from .916 to .913 - which isn't the end of the world but just depicts how bad things have gone in a calendar year. He finished off his tenure with the Leafs going 13-4-3 but with a .886 SV% and then after posting a shutout in game 1 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, slumped to the tune of a .883 SV%. All this after starting the season 18-5-3 with a .935 SV%.
Jack Campbell's 2022-23 struggles have been so bad that they're actually dragging his career numbers down

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