Oilers fans going at Jack Campbell hard after another brutal outing

Michael Banks
November 11, 2022  (8:57)

It is known in hockey, and all of professional sports, that sometimes it takes a bit of time to shake the rust off when starting a new season, especially with a new team. For an NHL player, you have a bit of leeway when it comes to finding your game early on, but as we approach the one month completion mark of the season, it isn't early anymore, and there is a real sense of urgency to improve for a lot of players. One player in particular who has had a horrendous start to the year is Oilers G Jack Campbell, who just had another awful performance on Thursday night, allowing 7 goals against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Campbell's start has been so bad, that it has plenty of Oilers fans going at him on Twitter:
While there is still a lot of hockey to be played and Jack can turn his season around, you can't blame the fans for demanding more out of a guy who was brought in to be the "solution" in net, especially when he was signed to a 5x$5M contract. Prior to the game against the Hurricanes, Campbell had played 9 games, with a .884SV% and a 3.93GAA, and those numbers have only gotten worse after a 7GA and .781SV% performance.
Hopefully Campbell can bounce back and find his game, otherwise it is going to be a long year in Edmonton and the noise from the fans will only get worse. From a Leafs perspective, early results show that Kyle Dubas made the right choice in letting Campbell walk and this is a perfect example of how sometimes the best signings are the ones you don't make.
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