A hypocritical Brady Tkachuk pulls a Morgan Rielly after empty netter

Ryan Smitheram
April 7, 2024  (10:08)

Senators captain Brady Tkachuk
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Brady Tkachuk went full Morgan Rielly on Devils forward Nico Hischier after he slid the puck into the empty net when time expired.

On February 10th, Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Grieg decided to take a slapshot into the empty Maple Leafs net, resulting in a physical altercation with Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly, who took exception to the play and cross-checked Grieg in the head. Chaos had ensued, and a few days later, Rielly had a hearing with the NHL's Department of player Safety and was issued a five-game suspension, which was highly controversial for a player with a sparkling clean history.
Around the same time as Rielly's suspension, Tkachuk was on the popular Spittin' Chiclets podcast where he was asked about Grieg's antics and the response from the Leafs.
"I'm not gonna lie to you. I was crying, laughing. It was pretty funny at the time. TSN has been covering it for the last four days since it happened, so they still haven't moved past it. And it's on every morning when we're sitting in the lounge watching TV. It's still on and we still can't believe it, We've moved on and it's still such a big thing."

The play by Grieg sparked a lengthy debate about the "unwritten rules" or "the code" of the game. When push came to shove, however, all of Grieg's teammates supported his actions. There was no regret and the Sens found it hilarious. Last night, the Senators captain had the script flipped his team and he didn't like it one bit.
As time expired in a 4-3 loss to the New Jersey Devils last night, Devils captain Nico Hischier was skating the puck towards the empty net. He didn't shoot it, or take a slapshot from five feet, he simply lifted his stick and let the puck slide into the empty net. Tkachuk took exception to the puck going into the empty net and chased Hischier down across the ice and attempted to attack him. Officials were quick to break up the scrum, but chaos ensued as everyone on the ice grabbed someone. Eventually, Tkachuk and Brendan Smith both dropped their gloves and looked ready to square off. Unfortunately, officials did not let that happen either, to the disappointment of many in attendance.
It's expected that teammates are going to stand up and defend each other, but the irony and hypocrisy of Tkachuk getting so upset over an empty-net goal that didn't even count is comical. He likely won't face a suspension or fine from the league, as he didn't deliver any cross-checks to the head as Rielly did, but with the loss last night eliminating the Senators from the playoff race, Tkachuk and the Senators will wrap up their season just in time to be the first ones on the first tee at the golf course at the conclusion of the regular season.
Tkachuk and the Sens have been under intense scrutiny online for the reaction to the Hischier play, as Leafs Nation was quick to show that it doesn't quickly forget.
This is a tough look for Tkachuk and the Senators, who were very quick to defend the actions of Grieg. To turn around and have a similar incident cause an uproar from their end comes off as very hypocritical and, quite frankly, embarrassing. If you dish it out, you had better be able to take it. Last night, Tkachuk just showed that he and the Sens aren't even able to play by their own set of rules.
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A hypocritical Brady Tkachuk pulls a Morgan Rielly after empty netter

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