Toronto media personality roasts the Leafs after Oilers make Cup Final

Nick Matthews
June 3, 2024  (4:15 PM)

Sid Seixeiro
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Toronto media personality Sid Seixeiro took a clear shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs and other Canadian hockey markets.

Sid Seixeiro, the former host of the popular Sportsnet show Tim and Sid and the current co-host of Breakfast television, thumbed his nose at the Toronto Maple Leafs in his recent tweet after the Edmonton Oilers won their series against the Dallas Stars Sunday.
Sid had this to say on Canadian Markets, with a strong insinuation about the Maple Leafs:
"The thing I love most about Edmonton getting to a Cup Final is that it punches another hole in the theory that taxes and a tough media market prevent Canadian NHL franchises from succeeding. Time to find a new excuse and time for some teams in this country to grow up."

Sid is clearly talking about Toronto in his tweet, as he has publicly shared his disappointing view points on the Leafs on multiple occasions throughout his tenure as a reporter and anchor. Sid is also known for taking several shots at Leafs players, for being too soft, and the Toronto media in general. Sid has often enjoyed playing the role of villain on his talk shows, as it helps create controversy.
Other than the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers both being located in Canada, there may not be any other similarities the teams have in common as their team constructs are very different.
A big factor in the differences between the two teams is Connor McDavid. McDavid, is currently far and away the best hockey player on the planet. McDavid showcased his talents in the series clinching game against the Dallas Stars, after he made a dazzling toe drag move to open the scoring. He also added an assist on the game winning goal to send the Oilers to the Stanley Cup Finals.
Another thing to note is income taxes are different between provinces, and Alberta has a higher income tax percent than Ontario. Sid clearly needs to read up on his Canadian laws and regulations.
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Toronto media personality roasts the Leafs after Oilers make Cup Final

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