The Maple Leafs can stand to improve in this one key area of roster management

Mike Armenti
June 14, 2024  (10:22)

Auston Matthews and Tyler Bertuzzi celebrate a goal
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With a report surfacing suggesting that the Maple Leafs are concerned with term for Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi more than cap hit, but there's something important to consider.

Auston Matthews is set to enter the 1st year of his 4-year mega contract that will pay him a league-high $13.25M per season, which has essentially set the clock on a 4-year window.
What happens at the end of that 4-year window if the Leafs don't win and Matthews leaves? They'll more than likely trigger a top-to-bottom rebuild.
One Leafs fan really hit the nail on the head this week as to why term should be of no concern to the Maple Leafs. If Bertuzzi and Domi want term, the Leafs should offer them both 5 or 6-year deals to give themselves some good roster players that they can ship out for assets at the deadline as they rebuild.
In recent seasons, the Leafs have settled on many shorter-term deals, which has allowed them to remain financially flexible each summer. Unfortunately, it has also left them without assets with term that they can trade if things go sideways. As a result, the prospect pool remains limited and the draft capital remains low. Had the team handed out some term over the last couple of seasons, we may be in a position this summer to be able to move out players to recoup draft picks and prospects.
This is something important that the team has lacked, especially under Kyle Dubas, who was notorious for his "own rental" mentality. Hopefully we see some positive changes in this area under Brad Treliving, who is now entering his 2nd season in Toronto.
Source: The Hockey News
Report: Maple Leafs Want to Bring Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi Back, But Team is 'Nervous Of Term'
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The Maple Leafs can stand to improve in this one key area of roster management

Should the Leafs start giving out more term so they have more trade options down the line?

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