P.K. Subban could lose his job over lewd comment made live on air

Mike Armenti
April 25, 2024  (9:32)

P.K. Subban
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Former long-time Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban may face serious consequences over at ESPN for an inappropriate comment made live on the air.

Subban is a loud and charismatic individual, which has helped him transition from his NHL career right into broadcasting with relative ease. However, hockey players are known for sometimes not recognizing when locker room talk is and is not appropriate. A live broadcast, for example, is not an appropriate time for lewd comments.
On Wednesday night, Subban may have gotten himself into some trouble with the big wigs over at ESPN.
During a segment where Vegas Golden Knights forward Jack Eichel was trimming his stick with a power saw, Mark Messier revealed that he used to have to cut his sticks with a hand saw.
Subban was going to crack a joke, but used his better judgment to stop himself, realizing he was on the air. Then, when pressed by Steve Levy to share the joke, he turned his filter off and raised a lot of eyebrows.
"I was going to say, I'm not a carpenter but carry around a hammer."

For those who may or may not be aware, when a when a player is particularly well-endowed, for a lack of a better term, he is said to be "carrying around a hammer".
Levy may have only made things worse when he admitted to having heard the rumours before, adding another layer of suggestiveness into the equation.
I don't imagine anyone over at ESPN, especially any of the female employees, are going to be too thrilled with Subban referencing his package live on the air during a family program.
Again, there is a time and a place for locker room talk. A Wednesday night national broadcast is hardly that time or that place.
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P.K. Subban could lose his job over lewd comment made live on air

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