Paul Maurice believes Panthers were screwed by no-goal call in Game 6

Ryan Smitheram
June 22, 2024  (2:10 PM)

Aleksander Barkov
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Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice was irate at the off-side challenge that shows the Oilers used "home ice" to their advantage.

Mere seconds after Adam Henrique gave the Edmonton Oilers a 2-0 lead less than a minute into the second period, Aleksander Barkov got one back - or so he thought. The Oilers chose to challenge for offside and after a lengthy delay the goal was overturned.
Maurice was irate at the call when it was overturned and revealed following the game as to why, hinting that the Oilers may have gotten the definition of "home ice advantage".
"I have no idea. It may well have been offside. The linesperson informed me that it was the last clip that they got where they made the decision that it shows it's offside. I don't have those, so the video that I got at my bench, I was upset after the call based on what I see at my feet and what my video person looks at. There was no way I would've challenged that if it was reversed.

There's no way I thought you could conclusively say that was offside. I don't know what the Oilers get. I don't know what the League gets. I just know that when I would've had to have challenged that based on what I saw, I would not have challenged. I'm not saying it's not offside. We'll get still frames. We bring in the CIA. We'll figure it out. But for the 30 seconds that I would've made that call, I would not have challenged."

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the Panthers were without the same views the Oilers had both in their video room and on the bench. Not that it would have changed the outcome, but Maurice said it would have changed his response and who knows if the Panthers had the opportunity to challenge a play, would they have been able to? Would they have had all of the angles?
For the Oilers video coaches to call for the challenge means they either had a view the Panthers didn't or they have better than 20/20 vision and deserve huge raises. Had the goal not been overturned, the game would have been 2-1 and the game would have had a completely different feel to it.
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Paul Maurice believes Panthers were screwed by no-goal call in Game 6

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