Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman T.J. Brodie smiling at practice
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T.J. Brodie now the owner of the NHL's longest active scoring drought

Published March 31, 2024 at 12:50

Nobody is more aware of the NHL's longest-standing scoring drought than Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman T.J. Brodie, and it's been something that has been weighing on him for a while now. Regardless, the veteran defenseman has his eyes set on the bigger picture. Helping his team clinch a spot in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs and achieve their goal of winning a Stanley Cup.

The stay at home defenseman has yet to score a goal this season. His drought is currently the longest active goal drought in the NHL. This goes all the way back to New Years Eve of 2022, spanning a total of 113 games, if you include playoff games.

Despite NHL players wanting to light the lamp every season, Brodie has taken a different approach to his difficult situation. He knows that scoring isn't the only way to contribute and as a defensive defenseman, Brodie knows there's value in the role he plays for the Leafs, even if the puck isn't going in for him.

"Obviously, you want to be able to contribute that way, but that's not my job here. If it happens, it happens, and it's a positive. But there's other things I can do to help the team." - Brodie on his role with the Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs defenseman of 900 career NHL games knows his role in the league and with his team. He is more focused on leaning into his strengths than worrying about anything else that's unrelated to the defensive side of the game.

Brodie is putting in the effort to score at least. He has recorded 6 shots each in his last two games. Something he hasn't done since the drought started.

With the NHL playoffs three weeks away, it's been a very positive sign seeing Brodie clean up his game defensively as he continues to work his way back to being a top-four shutdown defenseman. He picked some good timing since his spot isn't secure for the game one opening night roster.

Source: Luke Fox, Sportsnet
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T.J. Brodie now the owner of the NHL's longest active scoring drought

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