NHL Hall of Famer Chris Pronger shares funny Craig Berube/Colton Orr story

Matt Garland
June 5, 2024  (10:12)

Chris Pronger recognition night with St. Louis Blues
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Hall of Fame defenceman Chris Pronger shared a funny story about Colton Orr this week, further detailing the respect Craig Berube has around the league.

With how the Toronto Maple Leafs' short playoff run went, the writing was on the wall for Sheldon Keefe and a new voice in the room was needed. It wasn't long into the summer that Craig Berube was hired to replace him.
Hall of Fame defenseman Chris Pronger shared a funny story recently on The Cam & Strick Podcast to further show the respect and admiration that Berube has around the league. His reputation certainly precedes him.
The incident occurred during the early 2010's between the Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers. Well-known Maple Leafs enforcer Colton Orr was chirping the Flyers bench, going after guys one-by-one to assert his dominance. However, when he skated past Berube, he made it a point to single out Berube, not to run his mouth, but to actually show respect.
«It was funny though. This was when Colton Orr was in Toronto and he was kind of running the roost, right? He's coming by our bench and he's motherf****ng everybody. 'What are you f****ng doing?' He was like I'm not talking to you, Chief'. I mean, as he's going at it, he saw Chief, I think they locked eyes, I'm not talking to you'.»

Berube played over 1,000 NHL games, racking up over 3,000 penalty minutes. He played a similar enforcer role to Orr, who clearly admired what Berube brought to the ice.
After his playing days, Berube transitioned into coaching, spending two seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers from 2013-2015. Berube then moved to the St. Louis Blues, where he would spend six seasons behind the bench. He led the team to the franchise's first Stanley Cup in 2019.
Having a coach as well-respected as Berube is going to be a big deal for the Maple Leafs. Let's just hope that the respect he's earned over a very long career will help him get through to the guys in the locker room and help him get the most out of everyone in Toronto, from the stars right down to the role players. I'm sure that he will.
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NHL Hall of Famer Chris Pronger shares funny Craig Berube/Colton Orr story

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