Mitch Marner's comments during public appearance give clarity on his future

Mike Armenti
June 23, 2024  (11:35)

Greg LaChance and his brother-in-law Mitch Marner
Photo credit: Thunder Bay Border Cats

Mitch Marner has done his best to keep himself beneath the radar since the Maple Leafs' Game 7 loss to Boston in Round 1, but made a public appearance this week, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, of all places.

Marner, who was married to his long-time sweetheart Stephanie LaChance last summer, was in Thunder Bay to support his brother-in-law, Greg LaChance, who was playing in a Northwoods League baseball game for the Thunder Bay Border Cats. More than 350 players who have played in the Northwoods League have gone on to play in the MLB.
Obviously, the summer is a chance for NHL players to unwind, and for Marner, a chance to try to escape the sting of another first round exit. While a trip to Thunder Bay differs from his usual vacation spots, any escape is a good one with so much of the talk surrounding Marner this summer and whether or not he'll be a Leaf when opening night comes around in October.
«I have been here before. It's great. It's always a great spot to come to. Have a lot of friends here. Came to support my brother-in-law and watch him play his sport and be able to support him. Probably been about four years or so now. Been a long time. Obviously it's a tough time when he's playing, I'm usually playing, too. It's always fun to come out and support him and watch him do his thing.»

Marner was given the honour of throwing out the first pitch in the game, but rather than tossing the ball to the catcher, Marner was able to throw to his brother-in-law, LaChance, behind home plate.
The Maple Leafs star was thrilled to see so many Maple Leafs hats in Northwestern Ontario, making sure to express his gratitude to the fans for their continued support.
"It's never a shock to see all of the Maple Leafs fans around Ontario and across Canada. We're so fortunate to have everyone supporting the team and we really appreciate it."

For Marner, it's a nice little reset before the pressure of negotiating a new contract kicks in on July 1st. The Maple Leafs have a busy week ahead with draft preparations and the looming frenzy that is the free agent market opening up in just over one week's time.
Marner's comments about the fans across the country really don't make it seem like he's someone who is looking for an exit strategy this summer, so if we're reading between the lines here, it's likely that Marner remains a Maple Leaf, at least to begin the season.
Source: The Chronicle Journal
Leafs star makes stop in Thunder Bay
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Mitch Marner's comments during public appearance give clarity on his future

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