Max Domi shocked by reaction to collision with Bruins' Jeremy Swayman

Dean Chaudhry
April 27, 2024  (9:32)

Max Domi warming up prior to a game.
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The Boston Bruins have turned Max Domi's collision with Jeremy Swayman into a major talking point, something that the Leafs winger wants no part of.

Game 3 brought about a lot of talking points, whether it was Brad Marchand's 2 goals, his antics after scoring the empty net goal, his trip on Tyler Bertuzzi that wasn't called, or the mere fact that William Nylander remained on the sidelines for the third consecutive game. However, Max Domi found himself in the limelight after his collision with goaltender Jeremy Swayman during a TV timeout.
As Swayman was skating off towards his own bench, Domi looked to have extended his shoulder into the goaltender, which then led him to tumble onto the ice, much to the displeasure of the Bruins. Patrick Maroon took exception to the collision and was extremely angry with the Maple Leafs winger as he had to be restrained by the officials.
Domi didn't think he did much of anything wrong. In fact, he was surprised that it was even a talking point:
"I bumped him? First I've heard of it. I think we ran into each other, but it's open for interpretation I guess. I go for a skate every time (they clean the ice.»
Sheldon Keefe was also a little flabbergasted and had a message for the Bruins or anyone else that made a big deal out of the collision:
"I didn't know it was being magnified. I couldn't care less what (the Bruins) say."
While the Maple Leafs are downplaying it, the Bruins did the complete opposite and felt like it was done on purpose. Maroon and Brandon Carlo made sure to bring it to the attention of the referees and head coach Jim Montgomery praised his goaltender's competitive drive, saying that he comes second only to Marchand.
The only one in Boston who didn't seem to have an issue with it was Swayman himself, who quipped that he needs to start doing some more push-ups, implying that he's not as thick as the 5'10, 208-pound Domi.
The Bruins head into a pivotal Game 4 matchup with a 2-1 series lead as they look to leave Toronto in the dust before they head back home for Game 5. Swayman was exceptional yet again as he stopped 28 of 30 shots fired his way and was a big reason as to why Toronto couldn't take a series lead of their own. I'd imagine Swayman is in for the B's in Game 4.
Source: Toronto Sun
Max Domi shrugs off Bruins accusations of bumping goalie Swayman
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Max Domi shocked by reaction to collision with Bruins' Jeremy Swayman

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