Leafs, Timothy Liljegren siuation takes an interesting turn in Toronto

Mike Armenti
June 12, 2024  (11:33)

Timothy Liljegren takes a lap during warmups
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The Toronto Maple Leafs have several free agents to extend this summer, but the Timothy Liljegren situation just took an interesting turn.

Liljegren matched a career best 23 points this past season, albeit in just 55 games, and by all accounts, he seems to be continuing to progress as he approaches his age 25 season.
The Kristianstad, Sweden native has played parts of 5 seasons with the Maple Leafs and is currently listed as a restricted free agent. He also has arbitration rights, which he could opt to exercise if he feels his best opportunity at a fair deal rests in the hands of an independent arbitrator.
The Leafs are expected to address some important roster needs this summer, particularly on the blueline. While Liljegren was originally thought to be a big part of the team's future on the blueline, the team appears to be committing to nothing as we approach the draft and free agency, as The Athletic's Joshua Kloke pointed out on Wednesday morning.
"It could take some time this offseason for Liljegren's future to play out.

It sounds like there hasn't been much dialogue between the Leafs and Liljegren's camp over his next contract. The Leafs are likely waiting to see how free agency unfolds. Once they know what kind of pieces they can add, they'll be able to decide where Liljegren fits in their lineup."
-Kloke on Liljegren and the Leafs

Depending on what the Leafs can accomplish on the trade market and free agency, Liljegren will either become a very important piece moving forward or he will become expendable. Either way, with the Leafs stalling negotiations, things just took an interesting turn.
It's also worth noting that Liljegren can sign an offer sheet this summer if he gets an offer he likes with another organization. If that should occur, the Leafs will have a week to determine whether or not to match the offer or take the compensation, which varies based on the pay scale Liljegren would land in.
Source: Joshua Kloke
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Leafs, Timothy Liljegren siuation takes an interesting turn in Toronto

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