Leafs taking the brunt of the criticism while an Atlantic Division rival has a worse win rate

Ryan Smitheram
February 28, 2024  (12:25)

The Boston Bruins have gone to extra time in 7 of their last 8 games, only winning twice
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The last eight games have seen the Boston Bruins go to overtime or a shootout in seven of them, collecting five 'loser' points and winning twice. The latest stretch of extra time games now gives the Bruins 14 total 'loser' points on the season which is tops in the league and six more than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

If you don't recall, earlier in the year, the Leafs were under fire for having just six regulation wins through the first two months of the season. The media was calling for head coach Sheldon Keefe to be fired, players to be traded away and the team was not viewed as a legitimate contender. Meanwhile, there has been absolutely zero media talk about the Bruins currently having issues not just winning in regulation, but winning in general.
On yesterday's edition of 'Leafs Morning Take', Nick Alberga asked Former NHLer Anthony Stewart why it isn't a bigger story like it was with the Leafs.
"Well, because it's not Toronto," responded Stewart. "I think it's not that big of a story because Boston have gone through dips and peaks and valleys in years past and have found a way to right the ship. When you have a team where its core has won Stanley Cups and has a veteran presence, they'll find a way to climb their way out of the hole."

Stewart's reasoning as to why the Bruins current streak is not being made a bigger deal is sound. They are allowed some grace because they have won in the past and are able to always right the ship. Stewart also went on to say that Toronto is the best place to play when you're winning, but the worst place to play when you're losing and this is a prime example of that, even though the Leafs had been winning at the time.
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Leafs taking the brunt of the criticism while an Atlantic Division rival has a worse win rate

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