Leafs GM Brad Treliving promises a very busy summer in Toronto

Mike Armenti
May 23, 2024  (10:36)

Brad Treliving
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GM Brad Treliving confirmed on Tuesday that the Maple Leafs will begin to make decisions on the roster fairly imminently, promising a busy summer ahead.

On Tuesday morning, the Toronto Maple Leafs welcomed new head coach Craig Berube to the city in a formal press conference with scores of media in attendance.
Towards the end of that press conference, Treliving touched on what will happen over the course of the week, confirming that discussions on player personnel will take place over the weekend, inferring that we could have decisions on certain players as early as next week.
"We've got our amateur scouts in town. We're going through our amateur scouting meetings yesterday, today and tomorrow. We've got our pro scouting meetings beginning at the end of the week, and then we'll dig into our player personnel."

The two most interesting names on the list of potential departures in Toronto are that of Mitch Marner and Ilya Samsonov. Marner, who still has one year remaining on his deal, owns a full no-movement clause, so any such move would not happen without Marner's blessing. Samsonov, however, is a pending free agent and appears likely to move on this summer.
Treliving is doing his best to maintain his focus and not lose sight of the goal, which is to help the team get better and to hopefully win a championship in Toronto. With this in mind, Treliving doubled down on his end of season comments, confirming that not only will the Leafs look at all options, including separating the team's core, but that this summer will be a busy one in Toronto.
"As I said at the end of the year [press conference], we're going to look at everything. We've got some really good players. We don't want to lose sight of that. But now Craig and I will sit down and we'll start to dig into all of the other areas - roster construction and all of those types of things - and we've got a busy summer ahead."

Judging from Treliving's comments, we're going to see a lot of movement this year - perhaps more so than in any offseason in recent memory in Toronto. The big question now is, what will the team look like on opening night in 2024-25 and will the Core 4 be split up or kept together under Craig Berube? With free agency opening up in approximately six weeks, we'll soon find out.
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Leafs GM Brad Treliving promises a very busy summer in Toronto

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