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Good News For Leafs Regarding John Tavares.

Published June 24, 2018 at 11:25

The John Tavares saga continues. The New York Islanders captain has yet to sign an extension with the team, and it doesn't look too likely at this point. Free agency courting has begun in the NHL and Tavares' agent Pat Brisson announced that Tavares will be a part of it. The free agent center is set to meet with five teams over the next week or so and while the teams aren't publicly known at the moment, the Toronto Maple Leafs are likely set to be a part of it. Multiple reports have the Leafs and San Jose Sharks as two teams which are basically guaranteed to meet with Tavares. Other possible teams include the Vegas Golden Knights, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens and Dallas Stars.Leafs GM Kyle Dubas is ready to go all out if they have to. «We're confident right now with our cap situation that we can do really whatever we want to do at this point,» said Leafs GM Kyle Dubas. «Nothing is going to stop us or hold us back, and that's how we'll proceed here through the entire summer.»
Are you hoping the Leafs land Tavares?

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