Video surfaces of 11-year-old Mitch Marner and his dad grilling him about his play and his effort level

Ryan Smitheram
November 2, 2022  (10:03)

Not everyone is a fan of Mitch Marner's dad after his reported, but unconfirmed involvement in contract negotiations a few seasons ago, where many people believe the only reason Marner got $10.9M per season was because his dad made him hold out for more money. Personally, I don't believe that was why he held out. What has been fairly noticeable is that Marner's dad is his biggest fan, but also one of his biggest critics.

Yesterday, a very old video resurfaced of 11-year-old Marner and his team losing 5-0, capturing his dad sternly displaying his displeasure with how Marner was playing.
"You better get f***ing skating Mitch I swear to God," said Paul Marner, near the end of the game. The video then cut to a conversation of Marner and his dad in the car where Marner's dad started supportive, but quickly became displeased with Marner's answer to a question.
PM: "You played a good game in the third, but what I want you to do when the game is over is just start hitting guys. You know what, game's over right? At least let them know they were in a game. What're you gunna tell mom?"
MM: "That we lost."
PM: "That's it? just another game eh Mitch? One of another couple hundred to be played."
Mr. Marner was not wrong in that it would be one of another couple hundred games to be played, but his frustration is also understandable as Mitch, with disappointment in his voice, seemed not to care much about the game - something that has come into question at times so far this season. We all know that it's a kid's game. But when you're playing at a competitive level, you have to understand, even when you're young, that there are expectations that come along with playing at a high level.
Before anyone goes to attack Mr. Marner for the way he acted in the video, he did nothing wrong. He was frustrated with not only the team's effort, but Mitch's as well. He didn't yell at him, didn't make him walk home from the rink or anything, it was a show of what we used to call "tough love" before the world got soft. Accountability is everything and Mitch didn't seem to hold himself accountable for his play in the loss - something that may have followed him throughout his career.
Now, not to relentlessly dunk on Marner, but if he finds accountability as important as he says he does, he'll put in the work necessary over the next while to ensure that his game comes up to the level that it should be at for a $10.9M player. No more careless errors leading to costly turnovers and no more temper tantrums in the hallway after getting benched for a few shifts. Accountability is making a mistake and then taking your medicine. It's also learning from those mistakes and not repeating them.
Video surfaces of 11-year-old Mitch Marner and his dad grilling him about his play and his effort level

Was Paul Marner right to deal with Mitch's attitude the way he did?

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