NHL Insider suggests that Kyle Dubas will make a massive splash in the trade market this weekend

Dean Chaudhry
August 5, 2023  (9:21)

It seems that the Erik Karlsson sweepstakes might be coming to a close this weekend, according to Elliotte Friedman. The long-time Insider took to NHL Network to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kyle Dubas, and Karlsson, suggesting that a resolution is likely on the way.

A day after Dubas officially became the General Manager of the Penguins - while also holding onto his President of Hockey Operations position - news is trickling out that a Karlsson deal could take place this weekend:
"It means that Kyle Dubas is very much in charge, I don't think it's going to come as a huge surprise to many people that he officially dropped the interim title and kept the job... he wanted to see if Brandon Pridham would work him, I think that Pridham decided to stay in Toronto earlier this summer and once that kind of move, that Pridham was likely to stay..."
The Penguins settled with RFA Drew O'Connor and because he filed for arbitration, a second buyout window was opened. Friedman noted that Dubas does not like using buyouts but it gives them roster flexibility, which in turn helps their chances of landing the ultra-expensive Karlsson:
"The Penguins settled on Drew O'Connor and that means this weekend they have a 48-hour buyout window and some potential roster flexibility. Dubas has said he does not like to use buyouts, he does not like to do it, but I am very curious to see that if by the time the buyout window closes and it closes on Sunday, we have some clarity on Erik Karlsson..."
Friedman finally noted that he's heard and has been told to keep an eye on this weekend but knows that we've been down this road before - many times:
"Keep an eye this weekend, there's gonna be an attempt to see if this can get closed. Now we've been here before, I don't want to be the bringer of false alarms and false panic but there is a little bit of noise on the radar or sonar..."
Karlsson, at one point, was linked to Pittsburgh, Carolina, Toronto, and Seattle. The Penguins, however, were the ones going after him the hardest and even had Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang chiming in on how they would love the reigning Norris Trophy winner on their team.
Dubas is making big and bold moves in his first summer in charge and Karlsson would be the cherry on top of the cake of a very old, yet experienced and talented Penguins roster.
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NHL Insider suggests that Kyle Dubas will make a massive splash in the trade market this weekend

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