NHL Commissioner makes enormous announcement regarding newly-signed Bruin Mitchell Miller

Evan Doerfler
November 5, 2022  (3:43 PM)

The Boston Bruins announced yesterday afternoon they would be signing the controversial defenseman Mitchell Miller to an Entry-Level contract. The news shocked the hockey world in what seemed to be a confusing move for the Bruins organization. However, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sent out a statement this morning establishing that Miller is not eligible for the NHL, which should be music to the ears of anyone who was unhappy with the signing in the first place.

The Ohio native was drafted in the 4th round in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft by the Arizona Coyotes. The pick itself was problematic; many fans and organizations were utterly surprised he was even selected in the first place. When Miller was 14, he committed acts of racism and violence against a disabled classmate. This was known to NHL teams at the time of the draft. His acts of bullying, abuse, and racism towards a Black classmate with a learning disability were unacceptable and completely tarnished his chances of ever touching the ice in the NHL. The pick was renounced by the Yotes after severe public outrage.
Even with the history there, the Bruins organization opted to give him a second chance. Bettman stated today that the league was not consulted about the potential signing and let it be known that Miller is and may never be eligible for the NHL.
In a completely ridiculous decision by the Bruins, this signing is yet another example of a classless move by an NHL team and a terrible look for the organization. In a league that is supposed to be moving forward with diversity and inclusion, this was yet another recent step backwards in the process.
If Miller ever hopes to have the opportunity of playing in the NHL, which is highly unlikely due to the backlash and severity of the situation, Bettman noted the league would have to clear him and his eligibility.
In a heavily criticized move, where the organization's players even disagreed with it, why would they go forward with signing this player? It's important that the league is taking a stand on this.
NHL Commissioner makes enormous announcement regarding newly-signed Bruin Mitchell Miller

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