Max Domi reveals injury in funny way after big win, drops amazing comment about one of his teammates

Mike Armenti
December 17, 2023  (11:49)

Photo credit: Sportsnet

Very early in the first period last night, Leafs forward Max Domi was hit hard, also taking a stick to the face in the process, resulting in rookie winger Matthew Knies stepping up and dropping the gloves on Domi's behalf, something Domi really appreciated.

Domi was shaken up on the play, also losing another tooth on the play, adding to his already toothless smile. In the replay below, you can see Domi skating over to the bench to have some of his teammates survey the damage:
Following the huge 7-0 win, Domi was asked by the media about the first period injury. Domi didn't speak at length about it - he simply flashed the media a smile, showing yet another missing tooth, earning a few chuckles from those in attendance. Domi is great at reading the room and he got just the reaction he was looking for.
Domi was also asked during his post-game media availability what he thought of Matthew Knies' Gordie Howe hat trick. Domi proceeded to rant about Knies' huge night, giving the rookie a lot of credit and a great deal of gratitude for having his back:
"First of all, I always appreciate when someone steps in like that and stands up for ya. It was a weird play, but he's a great teammate and that's what it takes to win. A young kid like that willing to do something like that is great to see. He's a great kid and obviously I appreciate that. He did great tonight. 10/10 game for him."

Domi has always been a guy in the locker room that people enjoy having around. He's a good talker, a good energy guy and you can really tell how much he loves and appreciates his teammates.
It has taken the Leafs awhile to really get going and to build that chemistry this year - Domi especially. However, now that they appear to be rolling, it's a lot of fun to see these guys play the way that they have - including last night in the absence of Auston Matthews and T.J. Brodie, who were out with the flu.
With last night's win, the Leafs now move to 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, just 5 points behind Boston with 1 game in hand.
Max Domi reveals injury in funny way after big win, drops amazing comment about one of his teammates

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