Max Domi meets with Toronto media, discusses previous comments made during his time in Montreal

Dean Chaudhry
September 18, 2023  (4:02 PM)

It just always seemed that at some point in his career, Max Domi would find a way to return home to Toronto. The former 12th overall pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft has enjoyed a relatively successful career with stops in Arizona, Montreal, Columbus, Carolina, Chicago, and Dallas, but he couldn't be any happier with his return to Toronto and is anxious to get started.

"I think, growing up, it was always a dream to play for the Leafs and kind of the dream, behind winning a Stanley Cup, was wearing the Blue and White and I think you get the chance to cross one, hopefully two things off the bucket list is pretty spectacular and a great opportunity. Unbelievable hockey team, great group of guys and to wear that jersey is a huge honour and a privilege and I can't wait to do it."
When asked about why he chose Toronto and how the decision came to be as an unrestricted free agent, winning was the most important factor for Domi and he truly believes that the Maple Leafs have what it takes to go all the way - it also doesn't hurt that he's always dreamed of playing in his hometown:
"When you're a free agent, you look at a few things and I think that's at the top of everyone's list and I think for me, I wanted to come somewhere where I can win the Stanley Cup and be a part of that and, obviously, I've had my eye on this organization for awhile and looking forward to being a part of it now getting to work."
Domi has played some left wing, right wing, and centre throughout his career but he doesn't see himself as one particular position player, more or less like a utility knife and those can be even more valuable for contending hockey teams down the stretch and into the post-season:
"Whatever I'm asked to play, I'll be ready to go. Again, I've played on so many teams now, which has been a blessing in disguise because you're getting thrown in different situations, different systematic vibes, different coaches and, obviously with that, you're gonna play left wing, right wing, centre and you of learn how to be more of a utility guy... I've told Keefer that and we'll have conversations and I'll be ready to go."
When asked what it has been like - or what he's felt - since signing his new contract, Domi gave credit to the Maple Leafs for building a great team, an awesome culture, and a core for the new players like himself to be welcomed with open arms and give them an amazing head-start:
"I think every team is unique in their own way and especially the top end teams, you a learn a lot and every team is different. But these guys have built a pretty awesome culture and I think you've seen that, you've seen the success they've had over the last few years and so on. Just a chance for us new guys to come in and help continue to build what they've started is something that we're all looking forward to and just build on what they already got going here."
Domi played for the rival Montreal Canadiens for two seasons between 2018-19 and 2019-20, and has nothing but great memories. He scored a career-best 28 goals and 72 points in 2018-19. Domi once commented about Montreal being the best place in the world to play and discounted the idea of playing in Toronto. He was asked about that at today's event and he revealed that, while he spiced it up a little, it wasn't all just lip service to appease Habs fans. He actually really did enjoy his time here:
"If I'm being completely honest with you, playing in Montreal was one of the coolest experiences of my life and the fan base was so good to me there and I missed my days in Montreal for sure but I'm a big believer of you are where your two feet are and I'm home now in Toronto and like I've said before, it's been a dream of mine to play here. Nothing but great memories of Montreal, wish them the best and all in on Toronto now."
Domi is expected to play a major role in the Maple Leafs' top-6 with either Auston Matthews or John Tavares as his centre. There might be times where he's used as a center or down on the third line, but for the most part, he will be aligned with some of the best players he's ever going to play with for the 2023-24 season.
Full interview available at NHL.com.
Max Domi meets with Toronto media, discusses previous comments made during his time in Montreal

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