Max Domi drops much larger combatant with a one-punch KO

Mike Armenti
July 28, 2023  (8:41)

In just under two months time, we're going to get our first look at Ryan Reaves, John Klingberg, Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi in game action with the Leafs during the preseason. However, we already know what each player is about, as all 4 have already been around the block in the National Hockey League.

For Max Domi, after starting out in Arizona, he has since gone through Montreal, Columbus, Carolina, Chicago and Dallas on his road home to Toronto. Domi, who grew up in Toronto, where his dad played his heart out for the Leafs in the 90's and early 2000's, can't wait to get started and should be full of energy in his initial run of games as a Leaf. I'd imagine we'll see an uptick in his hitting, as well as the scrappy nature that has been passed down from his dad.
Max is not the same player that Tie was. He's offensively gifted and made the NHL based on his merit as a playmaker. However, that doesn't mean that he can't still mix it up. Take this clip, for instance, of Max (5'10, 194 lbs) initiating a fight with a much larger Ryan Kesler (6'2, 206 lbs) back in 2018. While I'm sure Kesler was salivating at the thought of throwing Domi a beating, Domi dropped him with a single punch, a stiff uppercut.
We shouldn't expect to see Domi fighting each and every night. He'll mix it up in the scrums, but I'd imagine we won't see too many fighting majors out of the 28-year-old this season. He's been brought in to help add an additional layer of offense to the middle six. Yes, the intensity he plays with is important, and yes, we'll see him drop the gloves a few times this season, but it won't be his primary function. However, when he does drop the gloves, man.. it's going to be special.
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Max Domi drops much larger combatant with a one-punch KO

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