Insider discusses what may happen with Sheldon Keefe in Toronto

Mike Armenti
May 30, 2023  (10:38)

It's been well over a week now since the Leafs decided to part ways with now former GM, Kyle Dubas. By now, most of us would have expected that if a coaching change was coming, it would have come by now, and so I'm sure many are thinking that Keefe's job is safe, with one year remaining on his deal. However, as NHL Insider Chris Johnston pointed out on Tuesday, that's simply not the case.

Johnston joined Aaron Korolnek and Carlo Colaiacovo on TSN1050's First Up on Tuesday to discuss this, among other items, and as Johnston mentioned towards the end of the first hour, Keefe's job isn't necessarily safe - the Leafs are simply awaiting the input of the new general manager, who may end up being hired as soon as this week.
"Sheldon's under contract for next season and I would be surprised at this point if anyone was making a decision on whether he'll coach that season other than the new general manager.

It's admittedly a tough spot for him because I'm sure he's wondering what's going on and there's probably not a lot of clarity that can be sent his way and there are some other openings out there. So, part of what he'd be thinking is 'if you're going to let me go, you might as well let me go sooner than later' because there could be other places that he could work, with Washington, the Rangers, Anaheim, Columbus.. those teams currently without [a head coach].

It is just 'wait and see' for him. I still don't expect the Leafs' search to drag on too long and probably one of the first immediate orders of business will be for the GM [to decide] do you want to just move forward with the coach, who has won a whole lot of games in the regular season, but not been able to have as much playoff success as you'd like or do you maybe just cut him loose?" - Johnston on Keefe awaiting the hiring of a new GM, who will determine his fate

There were rumblings before Dubas was let go that Keefe may have been on the chopping block. However, when Dubas was let go, it sort of put everything else on hold. Brendan Shanahan hasn't said a single thing about Keefe since firing Dubas, other than "we'll wait and see" essentially, pointing to the fact that he'll want the new GM to make that call. So, as much as it seems like we're "status quo" right now, we could actually be inching towards a conclusion there as well, since Johnston believes that the first order of business will be whether or not to retain Keefe or allow him to seek an opportunity elsewhere.
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Insider discusses what may happen with Sheldon Keefe in Toronto

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