Disgruntled fan comes forward with serious allegations towards a Maple Leafs star

Mike Armenti
December 31, 2023  (12:45)

Leafs star facing some wild allegations
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For all of the heat that NHL players take on a daily basis, I still don't think you'd find too many people who are going to feel too bad for a professional athlete who makes millions of dollars per year to play a game. However, there are some situations that arise that make you realize that you might not enjoy being in their shoes 100% of the time.

Obviously, we have to preface this by saying that there's no way to confirm nor deny these allegations. The only people who really know what happened here are the two people involved. Nevertheless, one Maple Leafs fan made some heavy allegations towards Leafs star Mitch Marner this week.
It all started with a post from a Twitter/X user who goes by the handle "@tddt_5115", suggesting that Auston Matthews is the true softie on the team who goes out of his way to make fans feel appreciated. This user also accused Marner of not being as inclusive as he appears to be when the cameras are on.
When pressed for elaboration from other Twitter/X users, that's when the allegations were revealed.
"Bro this mf LOOKED me in my eyes at a signing after one of those open practice training camps, looked at the white kid beside me (same age btw), signed like three things for him and just completely walked past me and went to the next white kid... idc it was sh*tty of him.

Like I'd get it if I was 'older' and the kid beside me was like 8 with his parents. We were easily both the same age. This mf just said 'nah brown boy you aren't gettin sh*t.'"

Obviously, this is a very heavy subject and one that isn't easy to breach. As this is very much hearsay, we should caution that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps Marner's autograph selection had more to do with being pressed for time and attempting to make it down the line as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, we can't presume to know what anyone was thinking in the moment.
For Marner, who has been very active in the community, it does seem out of character to not be cordial and inclusive to fans at a Leafs event. As of this point, there has been no announcement regarding any sort of an investigation. That may change, but for now, these remain unproven allegations and nothing more.
Disgruntled fan comes forward with serious allegations towards a Maple Leafs star

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